What I’ll be Blogging about!

My blog entries would generally cover 3 main categories.

A) Being An Emcee

If you’re dabbling as an Emcee or already doing it part-time / full-time, or thinking about going down the path of an Emcee as a career, then posts of this category would be for you.

Here I share tips about, well, being an Emcee! Best practices, should-dos, should-not-dos, need-to-dos, must-dos, etc.

The aim here is to help you be a better Emcee, land more gigs / jobs and better approach the option of Emcee-ing as a career path.

It took me over 20 years to get to where I am today. I hope to help you achieve the successes as an Emcee (whatever they may be, for you) in a much shorter time.


B) Event Execution Tips

Postings of this category are specifically targeted for both the Emcee and also the Events Agency folks who are looking to improve their Event Execution skills on Event Day.

It’s all about “Running the Show” (Event Execution) on Event Day.

Some may say, “Well, you’re not an Events Agency person. What makes you think you can write about Event Execution?”

The thing is .. I do host 2-4 events every week, clocking in over 100 events every year. So, when it comes to “Running the Show” (Event Execution), I get to have a lot of practise, perhaps a tad more than an Events Agency person who runs say, 40 events in a year.

The objective here is to share some pointers on the FINE details of executing an event on the event day.

The success of an event is never SOLELY dependant on the Emcee. It depends very much on both the Emcee and the Event Agency working in partnership, in providing audiences with an experience that they remember. 


C) About Melvin

This category is generally about me. Lol. .. I don’t mean to sound narcissistic, but posts of this category is generally about me sharing various aspects of this on-going journey as an Emcee. It could be how I started, the successes or challenges faced along the way, and etc.

I know it’s been over a year since my first blog entry (lol), … but I do plan on blogging more consistently, so do look out for more entries coming your way ya!

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