Learnings from my Website!

Of late, friends from the events industry, particularly from the Event Agencies, have brought to my attention, striking similarities between my website and also the websites of a few other Emcees in town and in the region.

Some were not that obvious, whilst some others even saw exact matches in terms of words and phrases used, for eg. from my Booking FAQs.

In truth, whilst the discoveries did come as somewhat of a surprise, it wasn’t something that got me annoyed.

My website is the result of a carefully thought out process, stretching weeks and months, designed with the Events Agency folks in mind.

Whether it’s downloading my Profile as and when they need it, to directing their Clients to my videos, or understanding how to book my services, Events Agencies will find it easy to take whatever they need, as they go about selling my services.

At the same time, Corporate Organisations will find it very easy to seek out any information they require, in their consideration to have me as the Emcee for their event.

It is no surprise therefore, that many of the elements in my website, for eg. my Booking FAQs, is something that will fit many (if not all) Emcees in general.

I’ve said in my earlier post “What I’ll be Blogging about!“, that it took me over 20 years to get to where I am today, and that with my website / blog, I hope to help others achieve the successes as an Emcee (whatever they may be for them) in a much shorter time.

So in that regard, it is good to know that the weeks and months spent towards designing my website has indeed helped others. As they say, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

Having said that though, I would encourage you to refrain from copying parts of my website in verbatim, coz that amounts to plagiarism and it’s not something that I support.

But if you do see something on my website that helps you sell yourself better in the market as an Emcee, then by all means, take the learning from it and tweak it to suit yourself.

And if you see it fit to drop me a note to mention that you’d like to pinch some ideas from my website, it is always appreciated. Not expected, not demanded, but always appreciated.

Either way, here’s wishing Emcees all around, the very best. May you have a constantly flourishing career as an Emcee!

p/s : And oh, if there’s any topic in particular that you’d like me to address in my blog posts, just drop me a comment and lemme know k!

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