Request for a Rate Card

Note : Melvin Aeria DOES NOT provide Event Management / Coordination services.

If you’re a Corporate Client, directed to this site by your Events or Communications Agency,
please enquire about Melvin Aeria’s Rates as an Emcee • Host • Presenter,
from your respective Events or Communications Agency.

Booking FAQ – Learn all about booking Melvin Aeria!


How does Melvin charge?

  • Melvin charges by “half day blocks” (ie. Morning half, Afternoon/Evening half, Night).
  • An Event that goes past a “half day block” incurs an additional Surcharge. (For eg., a morning till evening event; or an afternoon + night event, etc).
  • There may also be other applicable Surcharges (for eg., Red Carpet Pre-Event sessions, Outstation events, Overseas events, etc).
  • Do request for Melvin’s Rate Card, and go through it thoroughly to see where your costings may be affected.

Are Melvin's Rates negotiable?

  • Due to the fact that Melvin hosts 2-4 events (and sometimes, more) every week, Melvin practises a fixed rate policy.


Corporate Client vs Agency

I'm a Corporate Client. Should I engage Melvin's services directly, or should I go through an Events Agency?

  • Both methods are acceptable, BUT Corporate Clients are ALWAYS encouraged to engage Melvin via their Events Agency who is managing their Event.
  • Your Events Agency acts as a filter, attending to your questions and queries relating to Melvin, and also attending to Melvin’s technical needs and other requirements.

I'm a Corporate Client. Will it be cheaper if I engage Melvin directly instead of going through an Event Agency?

  • Not necessarily. Due to his high frequency of event hosting engagements, Melvin practises a fixed rate for Direct Corporate Clients and a fixed rate for Event Agencies.

Does Melvin have a specific Event Agency that acts as his exclusive Manager, managing all his bookings?

  • Melvin is self-managed, through his companies called “Live Audience Global Pte Ltd” (in Singapore and International) and “Live Audience” (in Malaysia) which manages all of Melvin’s bookings.
  • Anyone can get in touch directly with Melvin for availabilities and bookings.


Availabilities & Confirmation

How do I go about checking Melvin's availability?

  • You can get in touch with Melvin via a Phone Call, Email, Text Message, Whatsapp message, etc.

Can I request to book/block/reserve Melvin's date(s) pending confirmation from my Clients / Management?

  • Melvin receives enquiries every single day and hosts anything between 2-4 events (and sometimes, more) every single week.
  • As such, Melvin works on a “first come, first served” basis.

I've dropped Melvin an enquiry to book/block his date for my Event. Does that mean it's confirmed?

  • No, all enquiries are regarded as a “Pending Enquiry“, until you write to inform that you wish to “Confirm Melvin’s services and Melvin reverts to inform that the date has been locked in to you for your Event.

How do I confirm the engagement of Melvin's services for my events?

  • You must send Melvin an Email, formally stating “Confirmation” of engaging his services as the Emcee for your Event.
  • Melvin will then reply via Email to inform that the said date has been locked in to you.
  • Only then will it be deemed conclusive.
  • Please note that at point of confirmation, full event details must be provided, i.e. Client, Event Venue and Event Title; failing which Melvin will not be able to accept your confirmation.

Can I confirm Melvin's services as the Emcee for my Event via a phone call / text message / Whatsapp message / Facebook message?

  • Confirmations can only be communicated via Email.
  • An engagement is only deemed conclusive when Melvin reverts via Email to inform that the said date has been locked in to you.



Can Clients meet-up with Melvin prior to the event?

  • Yes, as far as possible, Melvin will always try and oblige to 1 (one) meeting with Clients.
  • However, in reality, this is admittedly not easily achievable with Melvin’s hosting schedule of 2-4 events every week, being based out of 2 countries and travelling all around the region.
  • At the very least however, Melvin will always be able to manage a Video Conference or Tele-Conference with the Clients.

What's the best way then to chat or to have a meeting with Melvin?

  • A Video Conference or Tele-conference would be the most recommended option.

Does Melvin charge for a Meeting / Video Conference / Tele-Conference with the Clients?

  • Melvin does NOT charge for Meetings / Video Conferences / Tele-Conferences. It is merely subject to Melvin’s availability.

Can a 'prospective' Client, who has not decided on whether or not to engage Melvin's services, have a meeting with Melvin to gauge his suitability / skills for their Event (like an audition meeting)?

  • Melvin’s schedule simply does NOT allow for a meet-up with ‘prospective’ Clients, ie. Clients who have yet to confirm Melvin’s services for a specific Event.



Does Melvin charge for Rehearsals?

  • YES, Melvin charges a Rehearsal Surcharge for “Rehearsals”, ie. instances where Melvin has to pick up the microphone and simulate any / various parts of the Event.
  • The Rehearsal Surcharge is chargeable by the hour.

What if the Rehearsal is on the same day, prior to the Event?

  • The Rehearsal Surcharge is still charged.
  • So long as Melvin has to pick up the microphone and simulate any / various parts of the Event, be it on the same day or different day, the Rehearsal Surcharge will come into play.
  • A Rehearsal on a different day is subject to Melvin’s availability. Another confirmed Event will ALWAYS take priority over your Rehearsal, with a new alternative date / time for your Rehearsal extended for consideration (if possible).

Will a Programme Run-Through / Briefing incur a Rehearsal Surcharge?

  • A Programme Run-Through / Briefing is NOT a Rehearsal, and therefore does NOT incur any Rehearsal Surcharge.


Emcee Script

Can I request to see Melvin's Emcee Script for an event?

  • Melvin is generally not an Emcee who runs with “scripts” as he is an “off-the-cuff” Emcee, who works off “talking points” rather than “scripts”.
  • Hence, there is rarely the existence of a “script”.

If I have some specific points that I need addressed, can I prepare an Emcee Script for Melvin to work off from?

  • YES, you can.
  • Do note that Melvin may or may not work off your script verbatim.
  • Preparing “Talking Points” or “Key Messages” is always a better and less time consuming option for you.
  • Rest assured, Melvin will cover all the essential “talking points” or “key messages” accordingly.

I'm an Event / PR / Communications Agency. My Corporate Client insists on seeing an Emcee Script from Melvin.

  • Unfortunately, Melvin simply will NOT have the time to work one out for you.
  • Feel free however to prepare one for your Clients, noting always that Melvin may or may not work off it verbatim.
  • Rest assured, Melvin will cover all essential “talking points” or “key messages” accordingly.



Are there additional Surcharges if I need Melvin to conduct Games in my Event?

  • Not at all. It’s all part and parcel of Melvin’s work in entertaining your audience.
  • However, prizes are to be prepared from your end (number of prizes required will be communicated to you prior to your Event).

Can I request to see a list of Games / know what Games will Melvin play with my audience?

  • Melvin does not “pre-prepare” or “pre-select” games prior to an Event.
  • All games are decided right at that very moment during the Event, as he “feels” the mood of the crowd and momentum of the evening.
  • Clients can however inform Melvin of their preferences or non-preferences, prior to the Event.

What kind of Games will Melvin play with my crowd?

  • Melvin generally favours games which involves more crowd interaction as opposed to one that’s limited to a small number of individuals on stage.
  • For eg., Melvin is more likely to play a game involving Teams or Tables coupled with floor audience participation.


DJ Partner

Is Melvin a one-man show?

  • No, Melvin comes with his personal DJ Partner (DJ Don Skelchy) in ALL his shows.
  • This is a mandatory requirement, as Melvin presents and hosts ALL events in combo with DJ Don.

Why is this a mandatory requirement?

  • Many of the things that Melvin does whilst hosting an event is in unison with DJ Don’s support.
  • Melvin & DJ Don has been “partners” for over 20 years, presenting events all around the globe. Together, they bring to your event an unmatched Emcee-DJ combo, chemistry and event understanding and presentation.

Are there additional charges for Melvin's DJ Partner (DJ Don)?

  • Not at all. It is an added value service, and it comes at no additional cost to you (up till 12 midnight).
  • For DJ Don’s session beyond 12 midnight, an additional hourly Surcharge will apply.

I have my own DJ / Sound Man who is manning the music. Can I opt to NOT have Melvin's DJ?

  • Unfortunately, Melvin’s mandatory requirement is such that no one else is playing the music except his personal DJ Partner (DJ Don) when Melvin is hosting an event.
  • Melvin is a very spontaneous, on-the-spot, off-the-cuff Emcee, and it is highly unlikely that another DJ / Sound Man is able to support Melvin in enhancing your Event.

Can I request to see what songs will DJ Don play throughout my Event?

  • Unfortunately, no. Every event is different and DJ Don does not pre-set his songs to an event.
  • Selection of songs is always based on the theme of your event (if any), coupled with how DJ Don reads the crowd and “feels” the mood and momentum of the evening, as it progresses.

Can I request for specific songs at specific moments during my event?

  • YES you can.
  • DJ Don will always endeavour to meet your request, so long as it does not impede or affect the flow, momentum or “feel” of the evening.


Technical Requirements

I'm not engaging any external AV Vendor for my Event. I'm using the Hotel / Venue / Outlet Sound System. Is this workable with Melvin?

  • Usage of the Hotel / Venue / Outlet Sound System is generally NOT suitable for Melvin & DJ Don’s needs.
  • There may be some extremely rare and exceptional circumstances where this requirement can be waived, but it must be cleared with Melvin prior to the Event.

My Main House AV Console is at the Back of the Room. Can DJ Don's Console be placed there?

  • Generally speaking, NO.
  • Throughout the course of Melvin hosting an event, there is constant communication and discussion between Melvin & DJ Don on the mood and momentum of the event, and various “next course of action” plans. As such, it is imperative that DJ Don is placed within the vicinity of Stage Front, near to Melvin.
  • There may be some extremely rare and exceptional circumstances where this requirement can be waived, but it must be cleared with Melvin prior to the Event.



What time will Melvin be at the venue on event day?

  • Melvin is generally at the venue 1 or 2 hours before Guests registrations / arrivals.
  • For Dinner events, Melvin’s standard call-time at the venue is at 5pm.



Where is Melvin based at?

  • Melvin is based out of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, with homes in both locations.

Does Melvin host events outside of these 2 locations?

  • YES of course! In fact, Melvin flies all around the Globe hosting corporate events! He calls it their “Footprints Across the Globe”.